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    Lily Kuonen

    Vice President:
    Erin Hoffman

    VP for Finance: 
    Shaila Christofferson

    VP for Publications:
    Katie Ries

    Associate VP for Publications:
    Eric Wold

    Associate VP and Editor, Future Forward:
    Lucy Curzon

    VP for Communications:
    Diane Tarter

    Associate VP for Communications:
    Melanie Johnson

    Associate VP for Communications and Outreach: 
    Mandy Horton

    VP for Education: 
    Ray Yeager

    Associate VP for Education: 
    Gary Setzer


    VP for Progamming: 
    Claire van der Plas

    Associate VP for Progamming: 
    Libby McFalls

    Associate VP for Progamming: 
    Jessica Burke

    VP for Outreach: 
    Nina Bellisio

    Associate VP for Outreach: 
    Jim Benedict

    VP for Development: 
    Jason Swift

    Associate VP for Development: 
    Emily Sullivan Smith



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    April 2015 Educators Showcase: Blaine Bradford

    AmbrotypeIntrigued by the mechanisms that weave our social fabric, Blaine Bradford is fascinated with a variety of ideas tied to social conformity and emotional isolation.  Within each composition his work tussles with a narrative of navigating within the daily trappings of the day-to-day normality that tends to derail or limit our ability to truly act freely and take possession of ourselves.

    Blaine is a Foundations instructor and 2D Mentor at the School of Art and Design at Northern Illinois University. The summer of 2014 he was awarded an Emerging Educator Fellowship from Integrative Teaching International for the ThankTank 8 conference in Bozeman, Montana.  Blaine also attended the 2012 ThankTank 7 and contributed to the publication Foundations NOW, Volume 3, Issue 1:  Connecting the Dots: Inside and Outside the Box. He received a B.A. from Michigan State University and completed his M.F.A. at Northern Illinois University’s School of Art and Design, in 2010.

     The Third ManNew ShowsNever Had to Mow the LawnStorytelling BackgroundHamletExistentialist on the PrairieTeaching Innovations in the Classroom